Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Questions should be raised, answers sought, opinions stated

The Franklin Downtown Partnership has issued a call for action:
Please attend the Town Council meeting this Wednesday. 
We encourage the public to come to the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, January 7th, at Town Hall at 7:00 pm if you have concerns about a food drive-through at the 150 Emmons Street downtown location.

Our hope is to convince the Council to change the wording in the RFP so a food drive-through is not an option at this busy intersection. 
This will be the final discussion before the Council votes on the RFP. Come make a difference and have your voice heard.

The Town Council agenda has a couple of key items regarding the town property. 

  • Sale of 150 Emmons St
  • Rezoning of 44 Pond St
You can let your voice and interests be heard by showing up to the meeting.

The Town Council has four options on the Emmons St property. The options were published as

1. Sell the land for $500,000 and allow the developer to construct anything on the property allowed by zoning. 
2. Sell the land for $500,000, but restrict the use. (The discussion at the Economic Development Committee was whether to allow for VSEs (Vehicle Service Establishments) for any use or not allow VSEs for fast food/coffee uses? 
3. Sign a Land Disposition agreement and allow the developer 180 days to find a tenant (s) acceptable to the Council. 
4. Take no action at this time.
The Town Council also has a public hearing scheduled for 7:10 PM on the rezoning of the Pond St property. Questions should be raised, answers asked for, opinions stated.

The full agenda for the meeting can be found here

The options can be found here

A quick survey/poll on the options can be found here

The Downtown Partnership call to action can be found here

Additional info on the Pond St property can be found here

150 Emmons St
150 Emmons St

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