Saturday, August 8, 2015

125,000 kids in eastern MA have a secret: Hunger

Dear Neighbor

When Jack and Sara leave school at the end of the day, they carry an embarrassing secret: there's not enough food at home, and hunger makes it hard to study or sleep.

Like so many in eastern Massachusetts, Jack and Sara's family is unable to put enough food on the table. But fortunately, once a month, families like theirs get relief from our School-Based Pantry program that allows them to select from a variety of fresh, healthy food to help make ends meet.

Our School-Based Pantry program is just one of the many child-focused programs that can help End Hunger Here in eastern Massachusetts, and that's why I'm asking for your help today.

Please donate now to help keep our programs going for children like Jack and Sara.
Today, more than 125,000 children like Jack and Sara face hunger in eastern Massachusetts, but with your help we can ensure every child gets the wholesome food they need to learn, grow and thrive.

Thank you for giving today.

Catherine D'Amato
President and CEO
The Greater Boston Food Bank
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