Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Live reporting: Community Opportunities Grant

- Bridge Restaurant Group d/b/a Incontro Restaurant & Lounge – Change of Manager
motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0

Community Opportunities Group-Housing Grant
Paula Stewart, Community Opportunities Group

Franklin, Bellingham, Hopedale
one of two awards by the State, expect to move forward with the work etc.
one is housing rehabilitation program
due to cut backs at Federal level
$894,0000 available for the three towns

  • 35,000 per unit to rehab, owned and/or occupied by low income
  • supplemental fuel assistance, will provide some additional resources after the basic coverage expires
can assist folks not previously covered by fuel assistance program

Nutting - we'll do more public outreach as things get ready
we're happy that the three towns collaborated and we were able to put it in

Stewart - there will be a lottery for the housing rehab program, applications will be posted to the town webpage

Bissanti - three proposals were received, one was asked for a resubmittal to take out the retail space
the point about only the two people in the room, there have been some flip remarks about that and we understand we are not going to get 35,000

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