Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Drug Addiction: What parents need to know"

Patricia Byrne is the creator of the blog Heroin. Stop the Silence. Speak the Truth. She has three children including her son, age 29, who is a recovering
Patricia Byrne
Patricia Byrne
heroin addict. 

We have already shared a couple of her writings here. She has written a new post "Drug Addiction: What parents need to know" on another site called "Grown and Flown"

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drug paraphernalia
drug paraphernalia 
"When my oldest was about a week old I remember looking down into his beautiful eyes and being struck by an overwhelming sense of fear. Icy terror washed over me as I realized the full weight of my responsibility for this tiny human. How was I going to do this right? What was I going to do wrong? I knew I’d do something wrong, would it scar him for life? I was the one who would have to teach him to navigate a world I was not sure I fully understood myself. 
We are parents. We have all had this moment, and the fear stays with us……forever. These tiny beings may grow taller than us, they may move across the country and have tiny beings of their own someday – but they will always remain our innocent, irreplaceable miracles, and we will always be their parents."

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