Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Live reporting: Public Hearing - Dean Ave rezoning, Election Presentation

– Zoning Bylaw Amendment 15-750: Zoning Map Changes from Industrial to General Residential V District in an Area on or Near Dean Ave. – 7:10 PM

Pfeffer - read explanation letter (as noted in released agenda documents)

Nutting - this is a follow up from the 2013 Master Plan
it would for apartments or condos, the theory would be that it would be ideal for commuters

Q - on whether the land revenue would decrease with the change to residential from commercial industrial?

A - it is complicated, but not really. The revenue is embedded in the tax levy. The delta could be spread amongst the other tax payers. Realistically, the land is underutilized so it would like generate more 'new growth'

Town Clerk – Election Process

Debbie Pellegri
nomination papers available as of Monday and through Sep 14th
last day to submit paper is Sep 16

100 signatures for Council, 50 for all other positions
can sign for multiple people on that position

Note: the timeline is available on the Town Clerks webpage,%202015%20Town%20Election%20News.pdf

If someone signs but is not registered to vote, the signature won't be counted
2 - for Assessors2 - Board of Health2 - Constables3 - Planning Board9 - Town Council7 - School Committee1 - for Town Clerk

2016 will be a busy year as it will lead to the Presidential election in Nov 2016

signs can go up anytime, size does matter - 'temporary signs'

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