Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Live reporting: Legislation for action through to closing

1. Resolution 15-48: Voter Approval – Farm Equipment, Farm Animals
motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0 (via roll call)

we have not enforced it and would like to get away from it, we'd like to get the vote to NOT do this
it would cause more to collect the tax than it would bring in

Padula - speaking for the proposal, had visited Hoffman Farm and wasn't aware of the CSA program

Dellorco - had stopped down by Akin Bak, they don't have much time to make money

Cerel - I have had comments about the stilted way this is written, it follows the statue itself and thus it is the way it needs to be. We'll just need to educate the community accordingly.

2. Resolution 15-49: Confirmatory Order of Taking – Land at 275 Beaver Street
motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0 (via roll call)

formal notice on the land transfer for the new Recreation Dept building/land
land transaction had already been sold, this is to ensure that we really do have a clear title for the future

Dellorco - I am on the Recreation Committee and we have great plans for this property

3. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 15-750: Zoning Map Changes from Industrial to General Residential V District in an Area on or Near Dean Ave – 1st Reading
motion to move to second reading, seconded, passed 8-0

the second hearing would be held in Sep

4. Bylaw Amendment 15-751: Changes to Chapter 181, Wetlands Protection – 1st Reading
motion to move to second reading, seconded, passed 8-0

simplifies the process per the Conservation Commission, sending to the ConCom and DPW only required, all other distribution requirements will be handled internally

5. Resolution 15-50: Ratification Franklin Police Association Contract
motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0

substitute page 25 was added, motion needs to include the substitute page
motion made 'as amended"

2% cost of living for 3 years
it is a win-win for all concerned

6. Resolution 15-51: Ratification Franklin Police Sergeants Association Contract
motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0

page 18 was amended to correct the same typo referenced in the prior notice
motion was amended

meeting every other Tuesday on downtown
low and behold, Main St was closed today without notice to anyone
including those at the meeting yesterday
paving Main St north of Emmons
milling Emmons soon
don't have a permit from the T to do the work on the bridge yet

light poles are being re-positioned
48" required for ADA, 60" was requested to enable cleaning of the sidewalks in the winter

re-using the older granite curbing on High St instead of the new granite

Rec building goal to be out by Nov
get office relocated

if you missed the demo of the portables at Davis Thayer
landscaping and sidewalks are being worked

a resident commented about drainage from the play ground

in about 4 weeks the bells will ring and schools will be open
drive carefully

DelCarte - supposed to start last week, should start the week of the 17th

issuing an RFP for an aquatic study through the Conservation Commission to ensure that if it was stocked, it would be successful. The Conservation Commission will be requested to bring info to the Council

Fire Marshall says there should be space to do so, would need to see the actual fireworks plan
other communities raise 20-25,000 to fund it

Bissanti - thanks for participating, it is on going process
we''ll make sure the notice gets out to you

Pfeffer - the Town Council hasn't seen the RFP's yet, it is still with the EDC

Pfeffer - letter from Bob Fahey

Pfeffer - I don;t know who takes care of the bridge with the flags

Mercer - taking down the portable, great job to the DPW
thank the Franklin Cultural Festival Committee for the 1st event
there were great things at multiple locations
at the Sculpture park, the Common, the high school, the BLACK BOX
it was a great five days, we learned a lot, some things to do and not to do
looking forward to the future

Feldman -
kudos to the participants in the PMC

Challenge has reached the top level of pricing, the program will end in Sep

Dellorco - Coaltion meeting Weds the 12
couple of support groups already started, we're the fastest that it has ever happen

Chief Howell passed away, heard late this afternoon


motion to adjourn, passed 8-0

Clarification on the Pfeffer comments, the RFP s and decision is still with the EDC

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