Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"the proposed project does not comply with the MA Wetlands Protection Act regulations"

"Hello all, thanks so much to those who were able to make it to last night's meeting. For those who didn't, here's a couple small tidbits. 
The GZA presented the results of their review of the plans, in which they offered several issues with the developer's proposed plan. It should be noted that this review was done mostly on the old plan (40 units) and not the new unit (32 units). I've attached this document for your reading pleasure (it's actually pretty interesting.) 
Among the issues was a concern that the proposed project does not comply with the MA Wetlands Protection Act regulations as well as several local bylaws. This is expected to be a significant hurdle. 
The developer presented its new plans, explaining a re-routing of the stream, a reduction in units, and an easement on Peck Street. Due to concerns by the fire chief, some of the 6-unit buildings were reduced to 4 units. 
The Woislaws, as usual, did a great job of speaking on behalf of the neighborhood, offering our concerns. If you haven't done so yet, buy a yard sign from the Woislaws; only $5! 
Another concern brought up was a sewer tie-in that could pose some significant problems. The location of a tie-in could be problematic; if it's on town land, the town would have to give them permission. 
The next meeting is in two weeks; July 28 at 7:35 p.m. Hope to see you all there!"
Christopher Parish
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The Zoning Board of Appeals meeting is available for replay

Stop Madalene Village
Stop Madalene Village

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