Saturday, July 23, 2016

Traffic Study updated for Madalene Village Proposal

"OK a couple things to update everyone on.

TRAFFIC: We got a traffic update based on our request that the original traffic study, which was done in December of 2015, be done again to reflect traffic based on activity on sports fields.

What we learned was that while there's significantly more traffic (!), it's still considered acceptable. It changes the "level of service" in the area from a grade of A to a grade of B. I've attached it in case you're interested.

THURSDAY: The developer intends to ask for a continuance, so we've learned. That's not official yet, per the Woislaws. If they ask for a continuance, the Woislaws would like to organize a meeting for anyone who's interested in establishing next steps and staying organized. We'll keep you posted. But as of now, the next meeting is still tentatively scheduled for July 28 at 7:35 p.m.

Thanks, everyone!"

Christopher Parish

Stop Madalene Village sign
Stop Madalene Village sign found along Wachusett, Cottage and Peck Sts

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