Tuesday, December 27, 2016

10th Annual GWS Essay Contest is now open to all girls in grades 9-12 in MIAA schools

Found via this tweet:

MIAA image from webpage
MIAA image from webpage

"February 3, 2017 is the Massachusetts Celebration of National Girls and Women and Sports Day, a day that recognizes the positive influence of sports participation on the lives of girls and women, and the continuing struggle for equality and access for women in sports. This year’s theme is “Expanding Opportunity.” 
To honor this day, the MIAA is giving its female student athletes the opportunity to tell us their stories about opportunities available (or not!) to them in sports and in life and how they hope to keep opportunities expanding for others in the future."

Essay Prompt: 
Opportunities for participating in competitive athletics have expanded since Title IX was passed almost five decades ago, and experts agree these opportunities give female athletes a toolkit for success in life. 
How has this expanded opportunity affected you? 
How will you use your participation in athletics to help expand opportunities for future female athletes?

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