Thursday, December 29, 2016

Annual Report 2016: Town Council

"The Town Council is the holder of all general, corporate, legislative, and appropriations powers of the Town of Franklin. In that capacity, I present a summary of our annual accomplishments.

Votes in FY 16 include:
• Approving the FY 16 Capital Plan. The Capital plan appropriated $1,938,607.09 to fund the Capital requests of the Departments of the Town. Requests included Fire Department equipment and a new ambulance, Police department requests for 4 cruisers and body armor. DPW requests including 4 vehicles totaling $272,000, Town and School facilities improvements totaling $240,000 for the schools and $423,000 for the Town, mainly Police Dept. improvements and a Fire Dept. roof upgrade.
• The Council voted to appropriate $1.8 million dollars for sidewalks on Pleasant and Chestnut Streets.
• Voted to rezone a portion of West Central Street from Residential 4 to Residential 5.
• Voted to accept a parcel of land off Prospect Street.
• Voted to turn over 17 acres of land to the Municipal Affordable Housing Trust for senior housing.
• Sold town-owned land on Pond Street near Rt. 495 for $1,560,000 for condos.
• Voted to increase the Senior Citizen Tax Work-off abatement Program from $750 to $1,000 and increased the per hour credit for the Senior Work-off Program from $9.00 to $10.00 per hour.
• Adopted a tax work off program for Veterans.
• Voted to refund old bonds, saving $730,000 based on information and guidance from Treasurer Collector, Jim Dacey.
• The Council created a bylaw to prohibit parking on public property during winter storms to help with snow plowing efforts.
• Created a bylaw to impose a $25.00 penalty, after a 21 day notice, to anyone who does not allow their old water meter to be replaced with a new and current model.
• Amended the current alcohol regulations to require all employees of an establishment serving alcohol to have “TIPS” certified training.

It is my pleasure to serve my fellow citizens and to submit this annual report on behalf of the Franklin Town Council for your review.

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew T. Kelly,
Franklin Town Council"

sidewalk under construction along Chestnut St
sidewalk under construction along Chestnut St

Download and read the full Annual Report for the Town of Franklin FY 2016

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