Sunday, September 2, 2018

In the News: benefits to ballroom dancing; few contests for Primary; Plymouth gearing for 400th Anniversary

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"Nina DiPerrio started teaching at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Franklin about the same time “Dancing with the Stars” premiered on ABC in 2005. Her bragging rights include performing with professionals from the hit show who were encouraging and eager to share their knowledge. 
DiPerrio credits the popular television show with bringing an influx of new students to the studio and changing the demographic. Younger people especially, are eager to give ballroom dancing a whirl. 
“Most people say it’s something they always wanted to do, but never tried before. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ showed that it’s doable, that dance is not something that is out of their reach,” said DiPerrio, who started dance lessons at age 5. “The Fred Astaire studios put a lot of emphasis on community and the social aspect, and create a very encouraging and inviting atmosphere.”

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Debunking Common Ballroom Dance Myths
Debunking Common Ballroom Dance Myths

"With just a couple days to go before primary elections, contested races have heated up across Massachusetts. 
The primary, scheduled for Tuesday, will decide which Democratic and Republican candidates will go on to run against one another in the general election scheduled for Nov. 6. 
This year, the primary is scheduled for the day after Labor Day, which could complicate voting for some people, such as families with school-age children and college students, who might be leaving the state."

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Primary Election Info for Sep 4

"With the 400th anniversary of the settlement of Plymouth Colony a little more than a year away, state officials this past week looked ahead to what the commemoration would mean for Massachusetts. 
Michele Pecoraro, executive director of the nonprofit organization Plymouth 400, offered up the countdown at a press conference Tuesday in the State Library, where she said the 2020 event series would “reflect the history and culture of the commonwealth from a holistic view.” 
“The native people and English settlers left historic footprints throughout Massachusetts, from Provincetown to Mashpee, from Aquinnah to Plymouth and right on into Boston and beyond,” she said. 
The Plymouth 400 “signature events” will launch on April 24, 2020 with an opening ceremony and run through Thanksgiving week. They will deal with themes including exploration, innovation, self-governance, immigration and religious expression, Pecoraro said."

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