Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Live reporting - to Closing

11. TOWN ADMINISTRATORS REPORTSep 11 ground breaking for Veterans Walkway
Legislation provided $50K for walkway

Invitation today for an open house from Eversource at the Senior Center, to be posted via Franklin Matters on Thursday
12. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMSPellegri - work on museum;
Nutting - awaiting on lead abatement, should have started 3 weeks ago
13. COUNCIL COMMENTSPellegri - use of volunteers at the Museum for use of PastPerfect
things not getting done,
appointment with Mass Historical Commission to use a roving archivist

Padula - what a difficult job these patrolmen have

(Earls, phone hung up)

Jones - love to watch the transition, it is sad to see but great to see new faces

(Earls - re-dialed in, had lost connection)

Hamblen - met with the AgComm excited about open space, invitation for Nov meeting to work on open space
Franklin farms story book

fund raiser Sat 9/8 local food local drink at Pour RIchards

Mercer - great to bring the swearing in before us, to be able to say thank you to to the retirees, great to say

Ron and Debbie celebrating 50 yr anniversary

Kelly - Dean students are back, saw an accident with one already
congrats to both retirees and new recruits

brand new fire truck in town, looks good
Police Negotiations- Patrol Officers, Sergeants

motion to enter executive session, vote 9-0 via roll call


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