Thursday, September 6, 2018

In the News: Washington St road construction; some progress in opioid law suits

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"As part of a long-term maintenance program at the Department of Public Works, a number of streets will be reduced to one lane for about a month. 
Department of Public Works Director Robert “Brutus” Cantoreggi said the work that will cause the most traffic will be on Washington Street during the next couple of weeks. 
The streets up for renovation will undergo a mill and overlay, meaning that that top layer of pavement is ripped off and replaced. This method saves time and money, according to Cantoreggi."

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The DPW road work plan was shared earlier this week

Franklin DPW: Road Construction Alerts!
Franklin DPW: Road Construction Alerts!

"A company whose prescription opioid marketing practices are being blamed for sparking the addiction and overdose crisis says it’s helping to fund an effort to make a lower-cost overdose antidote. 
OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma announced Wednesday that it’s making a $3.4 million grant to Harm Reduction Therapeutics, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit, to help develop a low-cost naloxone nasal spray. 
The announcement comes as lawsuits from local governments blaming Purdue, based in Stamford, Connecticut, and other companies in the drug industry for using deceptive marketing practices to encourage heavy prescribing of the powerful and addictive painkillers. Last week, the number of lawsuits against the industry being overseen by a federal judge topped 1,000. 
The Cleveland-based judge, Dan Polster, is pushing the industry to settle with the plaintiffs — mostly local governments and Native American tribes — and with state governments, most of which have sued in state court or are conducting a joint investigation. Hundreds of other local governments are also suing in state courts across the country."
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