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School Committee - Sep 25, 2018

The collection of posts from the School Committee meeting held on Sep 25, 2018.

Superintendent's Report

EdLeader 21
Dr. Edwards is not here this evening. She is off site attending a professional development conference with EdLeader 21. This group is an extension of the former Partnership for 21st Century Skills and is a big part of our district initiative on development of engaging curriculum and personalized learning. When she returns, we will be kicking off our efforts to engage with School Committee and the community in the development of Franklin’s Portrait of A Graduate, which is an exciting part of our District Strategy for Improvement.

Horace Mann Middle School Auditorium
I would like to provide a follow-up communication to the community about the Horace Mann Middle School Auditorium. Last Tuesday, during the heavy rains and flash flooding, the interior courtyard at HMMS became flooded with water due to clogged drainage. A large amount of water seeped into the school and settled in the pit of the auditorium, flooding the stage, and seeping into the entrance to the band room. Clean up services have been employed who have been spending the last week mitigating the damage, drying the spaces, and engaging in repair efforts.

The drywall in the entrance to the band room has been removed and water under the instrument storage cubbies was dried. The service company will come in and repair the sheetrock, like they did previously in Keller last year. Everything will be repaired in accordance with safe practices in the prevention of mold growth. The carpet in the auditorium has also been dried. It is a “backed” carpet, with protection on the underside, so there are no mold concerns about growth underneath. The auditorium stage is drying well. The Facilities department is optimistic that the floor can be sanded and refinished, which is a quicker fix than pulling up the boards for repair. They will reassess at the end of the week to confirm and we will keep the Committee apprised.

Franklin Cultural District Site Visit
The Franklin Public Schools participated in the Franklin Cultural District’s Site visit with the Massachusetts Cultural Council last Thursday, September 20. This site visit evaluates the district’s application towards a designation as a Cultural District. Along with other partner members, FPS attended the site visit meetings at the library and Franklin Historical Museum. 

We also hosted a brief tour at the high school. Dr. Edwards, Mr. Peri, Mr. Klements, Ms.Plouffe, Ms. Johnson, and Mr. Nayler brought them through to see the highlights of the high school and the fine and performing arts areas. We toured the TV studio, music practice spaces, art classrooms, the 3D art installation in the courtyard, the art display cases, and the auditorium. Thank you so much to our educators for showing off the investment we make in the fine and performing arts for both our students as well as the greater Franklin community.

The documents released for the meeting can be found online

The elementary school principals ready to present at the School Committee meeting
The elementary school principals ready to present at the School Committee meeting

The agenda for the School Committee

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