Saturday, November 3, 2018

Lifelong Community Learning: Fascinating Workshops for November

Lifelong Community Learning
One-Night Workshops   

Coming Soon - Still Time to Register

Tuesday, Nov. 6
7:00 PM
Apple. Leather. Grass. Bell Pepper. What do these aroma and flavor descriptions mean in the context of wine? 
How can you tell what you're smelling?

This sit down tasting/education event held in the Franklin Liquors 
wine tasting room will answer all of your questions.

Cost:  $25

* * * * * * 

Thursday, Nov. 8

Message from Spirits
A Mediumship Experience 

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Stephanie McBride has been connecting people 
with lost loved ones for over 15 years. 
The experience is always very personal and unique to each individual.

Cost: $40

* * * * *

Thursday, Nov. 15
Learn the basics of Medicare, what it covers and what is does not. Topics include an explanation of Medicare A, B, C, D; and a brief discussion of the Affordable Care Act and how it affects Medicare.
 Cost: $15    508-613-1480
FPS- Lifelong Community Learning, 218 Oak Street, Franklin, MA 02038

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