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Franklin Food Pantry: More than a can of soup

Franklin Food Pantry  

November 2018
nourishing and healthy food choices  

Relieving hunger. Nourishing lives.

Dear Friends,

When someone is struggling with hunger, it takes more than a can of soup to cure it. While our core mission is to address the immediate hunger needs of our community,
there is so much more that we provide to help ease the burden of the difficult circumstances our clients face. We do not underestimate the impact of the food we provide, but there is more to the story.   
  • Certain obstacles impact some clients from being able to get to the Pantry. Our Mobile Pantry brings food to dozens of people in low-income housing areas who are unable to make it here because of transportation issues or disabilities.
  • There are Franklin school children who are hungry on the weekends when they do not have access to school lunches. Our Weekend Backpack Program helps fill the weekend hunger gap for 84 children in need so they have enough energy to do well in school and make friends. nourishing and healthy food choices
  • Many of our clients who suffer from obesity or poor health can't afford nutritious food. We are able to provide nourishing and healthy food choices like fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, poultry and meats. 
  • Some clients have difficulty transporting their food home,  especially those who walk or rely on public transportation. Our Carts for Clients initiative offers a means to help get their groceries home. 
  • More than half of our senior clients live alone, making them even more vulnerable to hunger. Our Senior Bag Program provides a little extra each month for those who need it.
  • The holidays can be even more challenging as families try to maintain traditions in spite of limited budgets. The 200 meal packages at Thanksgiving and Christmas help bring families together for some holiday cheer. 
Robin Cowper (left) and Donna O'Neill
Robin Cowper (left) and Donna O'Neill are two of the many compassionate volunteers who offer support to our clients at the Pantry. Photo courtesy of Sarah Montani Photography.
With every can of soup, we provide a human connection - the hugs, the compassion, the smiles and support our volunteers and staff give each and every day to those we serve. 

When you support the Franklin Food Pantry, you are providing essential food and household necessities to others in need. But also so much more. You are supporting an organization that not only strives to end hunger, but eases the burden for those who are living it. 

Erin Lynch

P.S. - Thank you for being a part of a community that rallies together to help others through a very tough time and get back on their feet again. We are grateful to all of you!

Additional leadership gift and corporate sponsor opportunities available, for details please email Erin Lynch

Franklin Food Pantry 

Our facility is generously donated by Rockland Trust.
We are located at 43 West Central Street, Franklin MA,
on Route 140 in the Rockland Trust parking lot, 
across the street from the fire station.

Franklin Food Pantry, 43 West Central Street, PO Box 116, Franklin, MA 02038

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