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MassBudget: Sunday's op-ed on transportation investment

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In case you missed Sunday's op-ed in the Metro West Daily News and several other syndicated newspapers, we paired with Chris Dempsey, Director of Transportation for Massachusetts to examine whether the Commonwealth's planned transportation investments with available funds for the next five years are sufficient for building and repairing a modern transportation system to support our growing economy and those who live and work here. Below is an excerpt of the op-ed:
Dempsey and Baxandall: Coming up short on transportation
By Phineas Baxandall and Chris Dempsey
Want a peek at Massachusetts' transportation system five years from now? The state's recently approved Capital Investment Plan (CIP) provides that blueprint, spelling out how much money is set aside through 2023 for specific bridges, roads, public transit, and airports. The $17.3 billion plan says a lot about where we will be improving Massachusetts transportation - and also what will be missing.
Although Massachusetts is poised to make much-needed investments that help rebuild, repair, and revitalize essential components of the commonwealth's transportation network, the CIP is simply not sufficient to build a modern transportation system that supports our economy and the needs of all who live and work here.
The CIP looks at three broad categories of investments: fix, upgrade, and expand. Together these make up 89 percent of CIP spending, while the remainder is allocated to local roadway repairs and planning overhead. 
Read the full op-ed to learn how transportation investments are broken down.
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