Thursday, November 1, 2018

"This gathering tonight is a sign of that unity"

From WickedLocal Franklin, articles of interest for Franklin:

"More than 100 Jews, Catholics, Episcopalians and members of other faith groups gathered at the St. John’s Episcopal Church on Tuesday night to offer prayers. 
The packed pews were filled with people from different faiths, but all had a common goal – unity and peace among each other. 
The prayers and songs delivered during the hour-long service reflected both a sense of remorse for the direction that America is headed and a sense of hope for what people can do to change the shifting tides. 
The 11 lives lost during the mass shooting at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday were the main focus of the vigil, but positive notes of a future worth changing reverberated from the words spoken by the town’s faith leaders."

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a copy of the Interfaith Service program cover
a copy of the Interfaith Service program cover

Rev Charlie Eastman read Maya Angelou's Inaugural Poem which is actually called "On the Pulse of the Morning"

You can find the full text here

Background on the poem read at President Clinton's Inauguration in 1993

and video of Maya Angelou reading at the Inauguration in 1993

While the Inaugural Poem is impressive, the refrain of the song performed by the Temple Etz Chaim choir is what lingers in my brain even today
"I will build this world from love ... tai dai dai
And you must build this world from love ... tai dai dai
And if we build this world from love ... tai dai dai
Then God will build this world from love ... tai dai dai"

Photos from the event can be found on Facebook courtesy of the wonderful work by Jake Jacobson

On Friday, Nov 2 - #showupforshabbat


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