Monday, October 29, 2018

Voices of Franklin: Raymond Milici - Yes on Question 1

In 2010 I retired after 50 years of service at Yale New Haven Hospital, a large nonprofit community hospital in Connecticut. All though I was not directly involved with patient care, I had many friends and acquaintances that were nurses and nurses aids. As hospital employees we all had similar problems on the job. We often heard about costs and budget concerns from hospital administrators. That usually meant austerity measures, that lead to more work with less people.

In the meantime, I witnessed large salary increases for hospital administrators and executive staff. By the time I retired, the hospital administrator was earning close to $1 million a year. According to the Boston Business Journal, Massachusetts hospital executives received double digit raises last year. In 2016 some hospital administrators salaries were well over $1 million to well over $3 million a year. And according to NBC Business News, some of the largest nonprofit hospitals have earned a collective 21 billion in investments on wall street last year.

So who is telling you to vote no on question one, those same hospital executives and business interests here in the state of Massachusetts. Hospital employees have been complaining about short staffing and overloaded work assignments for years, nobody was listening. Now they are facing required staffing levels and they don't like it. If you listen to hospital executives, it's the most diabolical thing that could happen to healthcare.

Suddenly patient care is a priority and they are claiming more nurses well mean less care for patients, figure that one out. Let's cut through the falsehoods, for the business interests in Massachusetts, it's not about patient care, it's about control and the bottom line. Hospitals just don't want to spend that nonprofit money to employ more nurses. They need to stop telling us they can't afford it. This is a classic fight between corporate interests and what's best for the public and hospital employees. So which side are you on. I'm sticking with the nurses and voting yes on question one.

Raymond D Milici
75 Grey Wolf Dr
Franklin MA 02038

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