Thursday, January 3, 2019

In the News: Gov Baker to accept raise; Sen Spilka is Senate President; Rep DeLeo returns to lead House

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"Gov. Charlie Baker plans to accept his $34,000 pay raise and a new $65,000 housing stipend. 
The housing allowance is a first for a Massachusetts governor after the Legislature, in its first act of the two-year session in 2017, voted through a package of pay raises for public officials, including the governor, that included a stipend for housing. 
The law states that a governor “shall receive $65,000 annually for expenses related to housing,” and the allowance was intended by lawmakers to make the office of governor a more attractive position and to eliminate any barriers to running, such as finances or geography."

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The Governor starts the MA Budget cycle by delivering his budget Jan 25
The Governor starts the MA Budget cycle by delivering his budget Jan 25

"Senate President Karen Spilka presented a “bold” and “urgent” agenda for her first full two-year term Wednesday, saying the Legislature keenly needs new ideas on how to tackle the state’s crumbling infrastructure, adequately fund education and expand affordable housing. 
“We need to be bold and look out of the box for ways to fix these problems. It’s been left unaddressed for too long,” said Spilka, D-Ashland, outside the chambers. “Massachusetts has a chance to be a leader in all these areas." 
Spilka, who turns 66 on Jan. 11, was formally re-elected as Senate president, as the historic body began its 191st session. On a roll call vote, Spilka received 33 votes to Gloucester Republican Sen. Bruce Tarr’s six. When voting was completed, Tarr moved that it be the “sense of the Senate” that Spilka’s election as Senate president be declared unanimous."

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"For the sixth time, the Massachusetts House picked Winthrop Democrat Robert DeLeo, already the longest continuously serving speaker in state history, to lead the chamber for the new two-year session that began Wednesday. 
DeLeo, who was elected on a 119-31 party line vote with House Republicans instead backing Minority Leader Bradley Jones, said in his remarks to his colleagues that it’s important to have fresh voices in the House and new ideas will be welcomed as lawmakers get to work to address the needs facing the state. 
“No one’s rights will be infringed upon here in Massachusetts,” he said. 
Eight Democrats, including four new lawmakers who took their seats for the first time Wednesday, broke with their colleagues by voting “present” instead of supporting either DeLeo or Jones for speaker."

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