Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019

If you want to stay informed on what matters in Franklin, MA, you have found the right place. Franklin has a whole lot going on. 

The budget cycle is just beginning. This sets the priorities for how our tax dollars are spent. 

This is also an election year for town offices. We operate with the "strong mayor" form of city government. Yes, technically we are a city. One of several in the Commonwealth that still choose to call ourselves a town. 

The Town Council is our major governing body. They hire the Town Administrator and approve all the management level municipal appointments. Jeff Nutting will be retiring sometime before July 2019. Jamie Hellen, the current Deputy Town Administrator was just hired by the Town Council to replace Jeff.

The School Committee is the governing body for the schools and school budget. They are responsible to hire the Superintendent and approve other school appointments. The school budget is developed within town guidelines and becomes a line item for approval by the Town Council.

Other elected Board and Commission positions will also be up for election in November. More information on the election process will be shared as it is released by Town Clerk, Teresa Burr.

Stay informed so you can be part of the meetings and conversations to provide your input on what Franklin will do/should do.

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I thank you all for reading, sharing your feedback, and sending me information to share with our neighbors and friends. Let's stay informed together with what is happening in Franklin.

Welcome to 2019

Steve Sherlock
(voluntary) Community Information Director

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019

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