Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Census 2020 jobs for veterans

"To Our Nation's Veterans:

Throughout our history, you have rallied time and again to protect and serve your family, neighbors and friends. Your leadership, patriotism and entrepreneurship exemplify the American spirit.

As Article I Section II of the Constitution directs, every 10 years we conduct a census to determine representation in Congress. Think of it as a national roll call. The next national roll call is coming and we must hear from you. The 2020 Census is a mission-critical opportunity to make your numbers known. This opportunity only comes once a decade, so 2020 will be the time to make sure your community is counted.

We need your help! Please get your community prepared by taking the following steps:

JOIN OUR TEAM! We want to hire veterans for temporary census jobs. Apply to work as a census taker at If you know of others who are looking for work, please spread the word."

Continue reading the notification on the Town of Franklin page

For more info about Census 2020 jobs and to apply

Census 2020 jobs for veterans
Census 2020 jobs for veterans

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