Friday, February 7, 2020

In the News: homeless shelters up for Franklin discussion; autonomous vehicle safety standards evolving

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"When Town Councilor Andrew Bissanti heard that two men in Franklin were sleeping outside after a house fire back in October, he was “shocked.” 
Upon a deeper look, he discovered that at least 30 others are sleeping in similar conditions in town. 
“I suspected it, and I’ve seen it in other cities, but I really never knew it to be the extent that I recently found out,” said Bissanti, who is seeking to increase resources for those without places to stay in Franklin with other town officials. 
The Town Council is set to take the issue up at its meeting on Wednesday."
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"For the first time, the U.S. government’s highway safety agency has approved a company’s request to deploy a self-driving vehicle that doesn’t meet federal safety standards that apply to cars and trucks driven by humans. 
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration granted temporary approval for Silicon Valley robotics company Nuro to run low-speed autonomous delivery vehicles that were designed so they can’t carry humans. 
Nuro’s vehicles won’t be required to have side and rear-view mirrors and other safety provisions. Also not on the safety feature list; windshield wipers, steering wheels or brake pedals. 
The vehicles previously were subject to federal standards for low-speed vehicles that travel under 25 miles per hour. Those didn’t need steering wheels or brake pedals and didn’t have to have human backup drivers. Nuro’s battery-powered vehicles can be monitored and controlled remotely by a human operator, if needed."

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