Thursday, February 6, 2020

Matt Kelly announces campaign for State Senate Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex district seat

Feb 5, 2020

Dear Friends Across the District,

For the last 12 years, it has been an honor and privilege to serve as an elected official for the Town of Franklin, including a period as Chairman of the Town Council. Public service at a municipal level gives one a deep appreciation for the complexity involved in government and a rare chance to get to know thousands of fellow citizens. Their concerns have become my concerns.

Today, I am formally announcing my next step in public service, where I look forward to representing all the people of the sprawling and diverse Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex senatorial district—which includes Attleboro, North Attleboro, Plainville, Wrentham, Norfolk, Franklin, Millis, Sherborn, Natick, Wellesley, Needham and Wayland—as its State Senator.

When I originally decided to run for Town Council, Franklin faced an unclear path for the future, plagued with issues such as uncontrolled growth, sewage and water challenges and a skyrocketing budget. During my time on the Council, I've had the chance to help make changes for the better by listening, applying commonsense and a willingness to work across political divisions.

Now the district and the state face a similarly daunting list of challenges that include crumbling transportation infrastructure, broken state-funding formulas and a lack of reliable services for the many among us struggling with opioid addiction and mental health issues.

In this election year, there is tremendous focus on national politics. Here in Massachusetts, under the leadership of our Governor, we are proving that bipartisanship is possible. But more needs to be done. A legislature that is dominated by only one party is not a legislature that reflects the population of the state as a whole. Nor is it one that can produce the balanced government we need to thrive. There are simply too many insider deals decided only along party lines rather than with open debate and accountability.

I know the majority of voters in this district are fed up with narrow agendas and a lack of concern for the bread-and-butter issues that each of our community's face. As Senator for the Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex district, I will make sure I represent everyone – from Attleboro to Wayland – and fight to make sure our voice is heard on Beacon Hill. My experience in Town Government has made me deeply aware of these issues and of the important role the state can play in solving them. So, I ask for the support of all the voters to give me the opportunity to truly make a difference on Beacon Hill for our district.

I hope for your support in the months to come and at the polls in November.

Matt Kelly

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Matt Kelly announces campaign for State Senate Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex district seat
Matt Kelly announces campaign for State Senate Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex district seat

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