Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Live reporting: License transaction - Norfolk County Sheriff - CPA

Maks Roast Beef and Breakfast, Inc., New Wine and Malt License, Located at 451 West Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038

Richard Cornetta, attny for applicant
own and operate the business
general restaurant, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
glass of wine or beer to compliment the meal
not a bar operation, only sit down restaurant
would also use outdoor patio in warmer months
owned elsewhere for about 15 years (Revere) (Bellingham)

  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0

a. Norfolk County Sheriff Office and House of Corrections Update with Sheriff McDermott Community

appointed by Gov Baker to replace Bellotti
female inmates were not being treated equitably
would encourage taking a tour of the facility
Q&A session with the inmates available
will also travel to middle/high school with program

team building program, anti-bullying
ropes challenge course
in talks with Dean College to replicate program (along with others)
Leadership academy

working to meet the needs for kids mental health, leading to experimentation with drugs
stigma on mental health
looking to produce report within 6 months across Norfolk County

inmate work crews available, municipalities and non-profits
vast majority in due to drugs and mental health
44 US Marshal inmates also inhouse now, drug gang members
an uptick in drug activity in MA

Bissanti - had visited, left knowing that you care, supporter of Gilly's House

Kelly - Franklin is not along, we are facing the same or similar situation as others are

Jones - great to have you here, good for our citizens hear about the programs you do

Chandler - are you able to help with some of the weekend folks Franklin houses? 

A - we had some internal debates about that, we are able to see an uptick in increases
limited cell space can fill up quick, we can hold them and put the police back on the streets

Hamblen - distracted driver program

A - show them before prom season, with simulator, googles to simulate driving when under the influence; putting green empty pizza box, hard to walk across the room with the googles

MCI Framingham - not a nice place to spend your time, men had a better time at county level were not getting the same choice; six week program with NE wildlife coming
equine therapy and canine therapy being explored as well

b. Preservation Act Discussion.

  • i. Town Administrator Memo & Backup Material

Jamie had been in the 2001 Town Council to present the CPA as part of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

Pellegri - I had pushed for this in 2007, this presentation is far superior than what we did back then. We need to see what money we have given in and lost (over 20 years). We could be using for historical buildings, open space, etc.  We have got to work hard, to set up coffee, teas, so we can explain

Hamblen - the match percentage changes throughout the years, back up to 24%, does it change every year/
A - it has ebbed and flowed. if you were an early adopter, it was more of a dollar for dollar match, put in two million, get two million aback, that is a good ROI. The match did slide slowly to 11% an all time low, it was adjusted to currently to the 24%, it could continue to ebb and flow

it is all in how you play it, if we can get some of the match, we can free up some money for other things within the capital budget
Boston did it for affordable housing

Chandler - it almost something for everybody,every one pays in but there is something for everybody veterans, affordable housing, open space

Bissanti - I had an opportunity to participate in another community meeting, it is a great program, the funds dwindled unfortunately. Is this an opportunity we could loose if we don't act?

A - if you look at the list of priorities, something is on the priority listing up and down where this could be used; renewed optimism to look at 

Earls - sense of long term trends on where this is going? any other local options

A - no idea where the long term trend is... our own imaginations could go wild with how to do this

Community Preservation Committee - appointments to committee with a representation from several other board/depts

database of every project done

Kelly - 5th most contribution in Norfolk County, with how close we came in 2007, it might be worthwhile to put it back, it would be good to see a veterans exemption, we'd need to lobby hard for that; this is our next step towards avoiding suburban sprawl

Jones - I am for this, anything we can do to help support open space and historical, I am for

Lisa Audette Franklin Housing Authority
renovating 40 units $2.5 million at Central Park Terrace
could have been a $650K project with CPA funding available

Jim Schultz - question on historical building criteria
Mark - national register or local historical commission, great flexibility

there may be restrictions on re-habbing an older building but not on the use restrictions

Ed Symansky
what would be the process to get it from here to the ballot

Mercer - process would start in the not to distant future, at least 60 days prior to an election

there is a lot of interest in the town to see this happen

Roberta Trahan
how did we loose all that money, we do need to educate the public
what do we need to do, we should get it on the next election

Susan Speers
we moved to Franklin 32 years ago for the schools and the Library
active with a group that does open space and environmental 
because of what they can do with their capacity
I was involved in 2007, we have to a lot of time to tell the word out and get the community a chance to get behind it this time

Mary Olsson
representative of the Historic Commission
Canton told the story of what they were able to do with their amount
it is about educating the Town, we need to campaign as if it was a candidate on the ballot
it is possible, we can get it done

Mercer - this is something from what I have heard and seen, I think I would ask the Town Administrator to begin the process, sooner rather than later is the right thing
the education piece is the biggest piece, help us to spread the word
there will be more here at Council meetings, and elsewhere
the most people who would be out to an election would be in November for the Presidential election

set up an ad-hoc committee to work on this
we need your help to let the taxpayers know why we need this


  • a. Capital Budget Subcommittee
  • b. Budget Subcommittee
  • c. Economic Development Subcommittee
set priorities for near term
another lot change coming to Council
next meeting March 4

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