Monday, June 1, 2020

Civil Obedience & Heroism!

Are You a Hero? You Could be. And it’s Not Difficult.
by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 05/31/2020

How many times have you seen that restaurant sign: “No shoes, no shirt, no service’? Have you ever been to an upscale club or venue where , ‘Jacket &; Tie’ was required? Golfers at many courses and clubs are expected to wear a collared shirt.

Some places of worship expect men or women to wear a hat or head covering.

These are merely norms of accepted decorum in more formal, polite social settings. No one takes issue. No one protests. There are no acts of civil disobedience. Rather, everyone chooses to be civil, obedient, even polite, and part of something better.

Then there’s, ‘No Smoking’. ‘Buckle Up for Safety’. These were public campaigns waged to benefit the public health. They eventually became accepted behavior. They saved lives. What worked? Shaming. Smokers and scofflaws were subtly excluded – isolated, embarrassed. We live in a society where the bad personal choices that each of us makes has a negative impact on society as a whole.

I am speaking to those folks who insist on venturing out in public without a mask. If we really are all in this together, then consider others; that it isn’t all about you. Yes, you have your rights. What we need from you is social courage – and empathy. Wearing a mask in public is one small thing that all of us can do for the public good.

We thank and praise our front line and infrastructure workers who keep society together by providing essential services. We call them heroes. Oprah Winfrey challenged this year’s graduates – and all of us – with one simple, riveting question.

“What is your essential service?”

A mask dramatically reduces your risk of infecting others by ninety-five percent. It also protects you from being infected by others. Will you please wear a mask? There’s a time and cause for civil disobedience. Not now, and certainly not for this.

Consider a mask as a true badge of honor. Wear it with pride of purpose; doing good. In the eyes of others – it makes you a hero.

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