Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Hurricane season 2020 and COVID-19

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by Colleen Tressler, Consumer Education Specialist, FTC

June 1 is the official start of hurricane season, and now is a great time to make a plan to deal with weather emergencies. Especially because this year, we have the added concern of the COVID-19 pandemic, including what you need know if you have to go to a shelter. (Hint: it involves packing hand sanitizer and masks.)

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Today (June 1) marks the first day of the Atlantic hurricane season, which will run until November 30. Long-term averages for the number of named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes are 12, 6, and 3, respectively.
The list of names for 2020 is as follows:

Name Pronunciation Name Pronunciation

  • Arthur AR-thur Laura LOOR-ruh
  • Bertha BUR-thuh Marco MAR-koe
  • Cristobal krees-TOH-bahl Nana NA-na
  • Dolly DAH-lee Omar OH-mar
  • Edouard ed-DWARD Paulette pawl-LET
  • Fay fay Rene re-NAY
  • Gonzalo gohn-SAH-loh Sally SAL-ee
  • Hanna HAN-uh Teddy TEHD-ee
  • Isaias ees-ah-EE-ahs Vicky VIH-kee
  • Josephine JOH-seh-feen Wilfred WILL-fred
  • Kyle KY-ull

Two tropical storms, Arthur and Bertha, already formed this year in May. The next named storm that develops this season will be Cristobal.

This product, the Tropical Weather Outlook, briefly describes  significant areas of disturbed weather and their potential for tropical cyclone formation during the next five days. The issuance times of this product are 2 AM, 8 AM, 2 AM, and 8 PM EDT. After the change to standard time in November, the issuance times are 1 AM, 7 AM, 1 PM, and 7 PM EST.

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