Monday, June 1, 2020

Franklin Department Spotlight: Historical Museum

Find out more about the Franklin Historical museum and how to participate in their current archive project!

"Rebecca Finnigan is the Archivist at the Franklin Historical Museum. She started her position in Franklin in 2019. After studying both Classics and math at Holy Cross, Rebecca discovered a love of history! Her coursework introduced her to researching manuscripts, archaeology, and brought her into the archives world.
She took the next step in her education to study archives management at Simmons College. Rebecca worked in multiple facilities as an intern, such as the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Nantucket Historical Association. She is now the Archivist for the Town of Franklin and loves what she is doing here!

Rebecca views her role as not only educating the community today, but to preserve information, facts and historical pieces for the future. When she first stared, the catalog of items and information at the Historical Museum was very backlogged. It was managed by a very dedicated, volunteer staff only, all of whom had other jobs and commitments.
Franklin has a very large collection of books, maps, historical pieces, etc... the volunteers could only do so much. Adding the position of Archivist to the Town of Franklin ensured that the history of our town will be preserved and cataloged for visitors to enjoy!"

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Franklin Department Spotlight: Historical Museum
Franklin Department Spotlight: Historical Museum

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