Wednesday, June 3, 2020

FHS "Keeping Music Alive" #11

Happy Tuesday,

This Tuesday, we will be featuring two cellists from the Franklin High School Orchestra.  Freshman, Kyle Formato and Senior Miles Reed took it upon themselves to arrange a song from a popular video game "Scourge of the Universe" for two celli.  They performed it as a duet remotely and sent it along.  

Also, Sophomore Prem Pendkar has recorded his jazz rendition of "All the Things You Are". 


Kyle Formato and Miles Reed
"My friend and I did this in about 3-4 months, we were originally going to record it live and play for a recital but when corona happened that plan was impossible. We eventually decided to individually record our parts and put them together in a recording, and this is the result. It took us a month or two to finish the recording, but we are glad it is finished. Some parts don't sound great, but that's just a result of us not actually playing together in person. 
Thank you DM Dokuro for this awesome piece of music, we really enjoyed arranging it and it is a blast to play on the cello!" Kyle

Prem Pendkar - Sophomore at FHS and is a member of the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band.  This year and last, Prem was accepted to the CDMMEA Jazz Band.

All the Things You Are

Diane M. Plouffe
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