Thursday, June 4, 2020

Franklin Downtown Partnership - Special Meeting on Re-opening Business - June 4, 2020 (audio)

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.

The Twitter hashtag can be found online #fdp0604

  • Real time reporting underway for Franklin Downtown Partnership meeting with special session on re-opening business. #FDP0604
  • Senator Rausch holding virtual open office hours every other week, contact info on her page and shared via FM #fdp0604
  • Rep Roy provides updates; early voting being worked on for Sept primary, along with mail in options in House to be sent over to the Senate for their action. Health and fitness centers currently categorized as "art", disagrees with Governor's position #fdp0604
  • Rep Roy shares that $120k granted to Contollo Mass Manufacturing for the making of PPE; touting show being aired on Franklin TV 6/9 6 PM from Milford TV on health care workers #fdp0604
  • Susan Nichols representing Senator Spilka for this session. #fdp0604 child care and small business issues among top issues being worked, listening sessions for the re-opening advisory sessions, info to be shared on how to submit Q's or provide feedback
  • Town Admin Jamie Hellen calling for resident participation in budget cycle, tough decisions to be made with budget cuts on municipal and school side, needs folks to be part of the conversation #fdp0604
  • Town Council approved TA as temporary approval for liquor license authority as licenses extend for outdoor seating, plans can be draft but need to provide visual outline of what the plan is. #fdp0604 downtown parking map to be published soon to help
  • Franklin has 2nd lowest infection rate among Communities over 30k per Jamie #fdp0604 we do have 15 active cases here now, mandatory guidelines are a good baseline, we can credit for "doing the right thing" there will be the "few knuckleheads" who refuse
  • #fdp0604 some restaurants are ready to go. Kudos to Bridget Sweet, BoH Chair, also a health agent elsewhere. Cathleen Liberty, health Director now here since Dec 2019. "An amazing calming presence"
  • Next up, Cathy Liberty, education of residents and business is a priority. Food safety steps key, providing guidance and info to help restaurants and businesses. Getting to know key stakeholders quickly #fdp0604 covid portal a good resource, podcast series also available
  • "education is the key to prevention" is Cathy's guiding principle. Awaiting word from Gov Baker on when Phase 2 begins. #fdp0604 a bill on EEE has moved out of committee in Senate, last year 8 deaths (COVID-19 is over 6,000)
  • Update from Susan Nichols: You can submit comments to the Reopening Advisory Board here: #fdp0604
  • Updates provided, good info shared but no questions from the audience at this session. Reporting closes out, will prepare audio to share for those who missed meeting. Catch you next time #fdp0604

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Franklin Downtown Partnership - Special Meeting on Re-opening Business - June 4, 2020
Franklin Downtown Partnership - Special Meeting on Re-opening Business - June 4, 2020

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