Wednesday, November 11, 2020

“Easy walks are for anyone who for whatever reason can’t just hit the Appalachian Mountain Club trails"

From the Boston Globe, an article of interest for Franklin:

"Bellingham writer Marjorie Turner Hollman’s first two books, “Easy Walks in Massachusetts” and “More Easy Walks in Massachusetts,” were essentially guidebooks, providing readers with information on where to find walking routes.

But her most recent book, “Finding Easy Walks Wherever You Are,” which she self-published this summer, takes a more holistic view. Instead of listing locations of walks Hollman has taken and liked, it instructs readers on how to discover favorite walking routes of their own.

Hollman initially became an expert on local walks through her column in the Bellingham Bulletin and later her website,, encouraging residents who live within the Blackstone Valley region to discover the many options for outdoor exploration.

Hollman’s particular area of interest is what she designates “easy walks.” Thirty years ago, she suffered partial paralysis as a result of surgery for a brain tumor, and walking has been a critical part of the healing process — “physically and mentally,” she said — in the decades since. But her mobility remains somewhat limited, and as she honed her skills at finding walks appropriate for her abilities, she realized they would appeal to others as well."

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In September, we shared a conversation with Marjorie that you can listen to here
Marjorie Turner  Hollman
Marjorie Turner  Hollman

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