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Franklin Public Schools’ Portrait of a Graduate - Draft For School Committee Discussion

Franklin Public Schools Franklin, MA
Portrait of a Graduate
Draft For School Committee Discussion (11/10/2020)
The Franklin Public Schools’ Portrait of a Graduate represents the community’s consensus of five essential skills each student practices and develops, individually and collaboratively through teamwork throughout all grades in Franklin Public Schools. Understanding that the development of these skills is a lifelong process, FPS looks to provide a foundation for graduates’ future learning, growth, fulfillment, and success.

Confident and Self-Aware Individual

●    Develops and applies content knowledge, skills, and literacies (including financial and digital) within and across academic disciplines
●    Accurately recognizes and manages one’s emotions, thoughts, values, and behavior
●    Accurately assesses and identifies one’s strengths, interests, needs, and passions, as well as areas for growth
●    Demonstrates resilience and perseverance; develops a growth mindset and asks for help
●    Makes healthy, responsible decisions to achieve well-being

Empathetic and Productive Citizen

●    Demonstrates social-awareness through inclusivity and the consideration of various perspectives
●    Applies ethical reasoning and acts with care and integrity
●    Develops an understanding of civics and democratic principles; applies lessons from historical knowledge to contemporary situations
●    Applies knowledge and skills to contribute to local, global, and environmental solutions with personal responsibility

Curious and Creative Thinker

●    Asks inquiry-driven questions and takes initiative to seek answers
●    Analyzes, evaluates, and synthesizes relevant information from multiple perspectives, varied viewpoints and sources
●    Employs self-reflection while being courageous, independent, and flexible in one’s thinking
●    Expresses one’s self creatively

Effective Communicator and Collaborator

●    Listens with an open mind and embraces a respectful, inclusive, and culturally aware approach
●    Uses multiple communication strategies and literacy skills (oral, written, visual) to convey ideas including in a digital environment
●    Selects appropriate mode of communication for the desired result (audience, purpose, intent, etc.)
●    Contributes to teamwork and builds relationships, including conflict resolution and consensus building

Reflective and Innovative Problem-solver

●    Identifies and analyzes problems from multiple perspectives
●    Designs, proposes, and iterates goal-oriented and forward-thinking solutions to apply to personal and real-world situations
●    Apply technologies, as appropriate, as problem-solving tools 
Download a copy of the draft doc here
The full agenda and meeting docs for the Nov 10, 2020 meeting

Franklin Public Schools’ Portrait of a Graduate
Franklin Public Schools’ Portrait of a Graduate

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