Monday, November 9, 2020

Read the sources cited and make your decision

Tracy Novick spent time with the sources cited by Gov Baker and DESE in their encouragement for students to be in schools. While I also agree educationally, kids do belong in the school learning environment, under the pandemic circumstances, only when it is healthy to do so. 

Here are the sources cited with Tracy's summary so you can read along and decide for yourself.

"On Friday, after the latest round of the Governor/Secretary/Commissioner's pounding their fists on tables (metaphorically) about getting students back into buildings, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education issued updated guidance. As the Governor and Commissioner continue to cite what is known from other countries, I was interested to see what they cited as their sources in urging all students, even those in communities where the virus is surging, to go back into buildings for school.

The Department has four footnotes on their recommendations:

Obviously, I am not a doctor, but I am able to read research and review conclusions, and so I did to the pieces here cited, as the argument here is that these are indicating that students even as the virus surges, should be going back into buildings.

The short answer is that none of these pieces say that."

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Read the sources cited and make your decision
Read the sources cited and make your decision


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