Thursday, December 24, 2020

"technologies are not perfect and they are never going to be perfect"

The Boston Globe has the following:

"Massachusetts public safety officials have halted use of a controversial license plate surveillance system on roadways across the state after finding a glitch with the technology that caused it to record inaccurate data for more than five years, according to a memo obtained by the Globe.

The inaccuracies were found within a network of high-speed cameras installed by the State Police that automatically photograph the license plates of passing vehicles. The data, including location, date, and time, is compiled in a massive database and used for criminal investigations and even finding suspects in real time — all without obtaining warrants or court orders.

The breadth of the newfound problem — and the impact it will have on an untold number of criminal cases — was not immediately clear Wednesday."

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As I read this, the 'glitch; is in the date/time stamp and not the photo. Have you ever turned off a digital device to replace a battery and then, when turning it on, needed to reset the date and time? Apparently, that is what is happening with the cameras here. Something in the power goes out, when starting up again, the date/time is not accurate. It may default to "01/01/1900"  as some devices do.

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