Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Inside the deal: "There was still one important person to persuade: the president"

From the New York Times:
"A week before Thanksgiving, a small group of moderate senators gathered in the spacious living room of Senator Lisa Murkowski’s home on Capitol Hill to embark on what they considered an urgent assignment.

They were there — eating Tuscan takeout as they sat socially distanced, with the windows open to let the cold air circulate as a coronavirus precaution — to talk about how to get the Senate, polarized and paralyzed on nearly every issue, working again.

They were also determined to find a way to deliver a more immediate kind of relief, brainstorming how to break a monthslong partisan stalemate over providing a new round of federal aid to millions of Americans and businesses buckling under the economic weight of the coronavirus pandemic."
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And given the late news that the President is signaling that he would not to sign the bill as drafted after saying he would, we wait. That doesn't take away from the story. The story on how to broker a deal via compromise and collaboration still is a good message on what works for rational folks.

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