Sunday, December 20, 2020

Town Council meeting recap - Dec 16, 2020: bylaw for Community Preservation Committee approved

Quick Recap:
  • new Councilor Cobi Frongillo welcomed (apparently sworn in previously)
  • set of lot line clean up bylaw changes heard in public hearing and approved
  • annual alcohol license renewals approved, some licenses open as British Beer and Uptowne Pub closed, some licenses held (as usual) for outstanding permit payments/inspections
  • Community Preservation Committee bylaw back as amended per prior discussion (see the Town Council 12/02/20meeting) after discussion on who should be the reviewer of the application pool (Council vs. Town Administrator), motion approved unanimously to use regular process for Town Administrator vetting of the candidates to provide to Council for their approval
  • GPS upgrade for DPW registered vehicles approved. All lease/purchase arrangements require legislative body approval (as opposed to standard purchase arrangements -once funded, can be completed by purchasing agent - per MA general law)
  • Note - early votes showed 9-0 approvals and until Dellorco arrived remotely during the Community Preservation discussion, they should have been recorded as 8-0-1 (8 for, zero against, one absent). This was noted in the Twitter thread but the prior tweets couldn't be changed.
  • vote to authorize transfer of emergency funds from the water enterprise account to make payment to vendor that had previously not been made due to the spear phishing incident (for details on that see Town Council meeting 12/02/20)

Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in one album

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #tc1216 

  • Real time reporting for the Town Council meeting about to begin #tc1216 agenda doc 
  • Chair Tom Mercer opens and makes standard statement outlining protocol and info for phone connection #tc1216
  • #tc1216 info to connect via phone
  • Welcome to new councilor Cobi Frongillo (apparently already sworn in)
  • DPW Director Cantoreggi makes reminder on parking ban and trash delay due to impending storm. Citizen complaint about town clerk action on election 150' rules. #tc1216 complaint about the Dominion Software used and election integrity, speculation.
  • #tc1216 move to approval of minutes for Nov 18. …  Motion, second, as amended (correction of person's name and sex reference) 
  • Public hearings opened on lot line clean up effort. Bryan Taverner provides update
  • #tc1216 questions but no concerns raised previously. Did pass EDC and planning board. Motion to close hearing, second, passes 9-0 
  • License renewals for 2021 annual, motion to approve, second, with exception of those with fees outstanding to be held until cleared
  • Clarification that the name, address of each to be ready for the record. Reading commences by council clerk. Doc is located on agenda page …
  • #tc1216 There are always some open and usually cleaned up by year end, 3 restaurants not renewing (British beer, Uptown Pub, ?)  Motion carries by 9-0 vote 
  • #tc1216 subcommittee meetings, EDC did have a listening session last week 2 award winners of manufacturing here in town.
  • #tc1216 EDC next listening session Jan 13, 2021  Legislation for action: …  Motion made to waive reading, second, passes 8-0-1 (1 absent) Motion to adopt, second, 8-0-1 via roll call
  • Note other votes recorded should be restated as 8-0-1 (1 absent) and not 9-0 … Passes 8-0-1   #tc1216
  • … Community Preservation Committee back for second reading as amended (per discussion at 12/02/20 meeting) #tc1216 motion to approve, second, passes Jamie updates on changes, will do an application for the open spots, time TBD, but early next year
  • #tc1216 one change discussed but not voted to include was considered and is not part of this; this aligns the appointment process with all the other committee/board appointments. We are getting good folks and have all spots filled so the process is working. All the other
  • Communities appointment in the same way. Attny Cerel interjects that the proposal would violate the state statue, need to have a level of independence. Otherwise the council would control the people and the approval of the projects. #tc1216
  • #tc1216 most recent Committee established was the agriculture commission. I vet and get the best decisions for you to make a good vote and out forth the best civic stewards, looking for passion, open minds, collaboration, this is new and can get complicated
  • If you know someone, give them a recommendation letter to help the application process. #tc1216 have some guts to say no. We have hired Jamie to do this. Protocol and perception, why do we want to go out and vet the candidates? The process we have works, we have final say
  • #tc1216 I have the utmost belief that the administrator will bring forward the best and most qualified Councilor Dellorco has joined via zoom (he was missing earlier) Trahan speaking for the proposal, Jamie has experience with CPA, nicely mentions uninformed comments can be
  • Hurtful. Spears speaking for the proposal, it is about procedure and protocol, meetings will be public (like other committees) and when projects come forward to Council for approval others will be able to speak for, against at that time #tc1216
  • #tc1216 there is no reason for personal attacks on personnel or councilors, esp when they are misinformed. Doherty, and now Doyle speaking in favor and for the committee as proposed. If Dellorco joins it makes the meeting remote and requires a roll call vote.
  • Pellegri backs off request for interview process and wants to make this a unanimous vote. #tc1216 doesn't want to have a damper on this. Vote as amended, via roll call 9-0
  • … #tc1216 new devices for DPW via lease finance requires a 2/3 vote to approve. Upgrade of 4G devices it does save money and requires special vote approx. 60 units for all the vehicles in the fleet. They do work and are very effective, any with registration
  • Vote on motion, via roll call passes 9-0   #tc1216 … this allocates the funds for the payment previously misdirected via the spear phishing event, if further restoration is available, will replace the emergency funds
  • Motion and seconded, vote via roll call - passes via 9-0 #tc1216 need to complete the water treatment plant to add the 700K gallons, vendor has not charged any interest. Citizen with question on clarification, any future funds will replenish the emergency balance
  •… standard processing of cable funds thru to Franklin TV Motion to approve, second, passes 8-1-0 (Bissanti no)! via roll call first quarterly statement from Comcast; Bissanti doesn't understand cable competition Kelly speaks for competition, cable on way out
  • #tc1216 motion to vote on the Council calendar of meetings for next year…  Vote 9-0
  •… #tc1216 vote to accept gift to police dept. Motion passes 9-0 via roll call.
  •…  #tc1216 acceptance of gift to Library for digitization and programs  Vote to approve, passes 9-0 via roll call thanks to Scott Nolan and Franklin Library Assoc.
  • TA report: Down to 95 active cases of COVID buildings closed in AM folks will be working. Water ban lifted #tc1216 happy holidays and new year to all, thanks to all the citizens for making this a year like no other. Only 2 weeks away from 2021.
  • Bissanti wants a citizen advisory committee, feels it is needed #tc1216  Comments: Frongillo excited to begin work, remember to #thinkfranklinfirst this season 
  • Bissanti thanks the other three candidates.  #tc1216 Pellegri invites all to museum on Sunday (only open then 1-4) stop by and get an ornament. Happy holiday season to all. See you next year! Thanks to the town workers it was a tough year. Be safe. Old generator from high school was stored and will be redeploy 2 Parmenter
  • Request for debt exclusion listing and when they roll off the taxes, would be good to know. #tc1216 happy holiday season and vaccine filled 2021  That's all for tonight, catch you next time (not next year yet, some meetings to before then)! 
newly elected Town Councilor Cobi Frongillo
newly elected Town Councilor Cobi Frongillo

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