Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Franklin Interfaith Council Celebrates Earth Day by Planting Trees

Thursday, April 22nd was an unseasonably cold morning, but members of St John’s Episcopal Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints First Universalist Society of Franklin (FUSF), and Franklin Federated Church gathered to plant trees. “It was a wonderful way to celebrate God’s gift of Creation,” said The Rev. Kathy McAdams, Rector of St John’s and President of the Franklin Interfaith Council.

In preparation for Earth Day, McAdams led an online lesson with the St John’s Church School to discuss the many benefits that trees provide, such as erosion protection, filtering of the air we breathe and the water we drink, noise reduction, shade that reduces the need for air-conditioning, food and habitat for birds and other animals, food and raw materials for people, the fun of climbing them, and the beauty of looking at them.

The Interfaith group planted seven trees - maples, oak, cherry, and purple beech - at several sites in Franklin. The Department of Public Works chose the locations and dug the holes at Horace Mann Middle School, Franklin High School, Keller-Sullivan School, and the Community Garden at King Street Memorial Park. Participants, then, planted the trees, added compost, and have committed to continue watering the trees until they are well-established. McAdams added, “We give thanks for all that God gives us in Creation, and we show our gratitude by being good stewards.”

tree planted at King St Memorial Park, near the Community Garden
tree planted at King St Memorial Park, near the Community Garden

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