Friday, April 30, 2021

“Commuter rail is commuter rail. It’s not transit"

"When Garrett Wollman was considering his housing options in the greater Boston region back in 2001, the possibility of a carless commute beckoned. After all, the city has one of the best mass transit systems in the country, including an extensive regional rail network that ranges down to Providence, R.I., and up to beach towns like Gloucester and Manchester.

He picked a townhouse in downtown Framingham, a Boston suburb, a little over 20 miles from his job in Cambridge at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in part because it had a couple of Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) regional rail stations within two miles of his front door.

In theory, it would take Wollman almost the same amount of time to drive to his job at MIT as it would to take mass transit. According to Google Maps, the trip by public transportation is a mere 10 minutes less by highway, so why not skip the hassle of traffic sometimes and ride the rail from Framingham?"
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“Commuter rail is commuter rail. It’s not transit"
“Commuter rail is commuter rail. It’s not transit"

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