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Franklin Senior Center: Email Blast - April 30, 2021

Hello Everyone!

Staying Connected

Link to the Senior Center -

Link to the Senior Center Calendar 

Link to Franklin Matters - and 

Link to the Town's webpage -

Link to Mass.Gov COVID - 

Link to the Franklin Events Calendar - 

Save the date!  Alzheimer's Association Family Conference: A free Virtual Conference for People Living with Alzheimer's and Their Family Members will be held on Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May 15th.  We have Tom Keane from the Boston Globe as our Keynote speaker, Pam Atwood doing a special program on meaningful engagement, a panel of individuals with Early Stage Alzheimer's, and a musical performance by the South Shore Conservatory in Massachusetts on both days of the conference. Registration will open in April. Alzheimer's Association Family Conference 


How to feel great in 10 minutes - Beginner Qigong routine 

Seated stretches for Seniors.  8 stretches to cover your whole body. 

Paul Eugene 65th Birthday Disco Party Dance - Celebrate with Paul as he gets his  disco on in a cardigan. I love this guy's energy! 


Endless Love on the Tank Drum 

Relaxing and upbeat hang drum mix 1.5 hours 

Just for Fun

How to make and fly a world record paper airplanes 

Turning used chopsticks into tables, tiles and more! 

10 Great Mysteries Hidden in Famous Paintings 

Furniture Optical Illusions - WOW!! 


People Vs. Nature - Epic fails I have to admit I laughed out loud at more than a few of these. 

Funny animals 

Kindness Matters

Abandoned puppy follows us home 

Empathy - Best speech of all time by Simon Sinek 

Upcoming Events email to attend unless noted otherwise.

*Tuesday at 11am  - Cardio Strength & Balance IN PERSON (must register to attend)

*Tuesday  Tailgate Tuesday! Order your lunch through curbside cafe and then stay for a

 tailgate picnic with your friends in our parking lot. There might even be some music!

*Tuesday at 5:30pm - Quarantini Time a virtual, social, cocktail hour via zoom

*Tuesday at 1pm - Low Vision Group- email 

*Wed. At 11am - Zumba IN PERSON (must register to attend)

*Wed. Nurse Trish call to schedule your appointment for Blood pressure, sugar and more.

*Thursday  at 1pm - Tele Bingo call the Senior Center to play 508-520-4945

*Friday at 11am - Sunshine Zoom - for members with memory loss - 1 hour of socialization,

 games and activities.

Upon entering the Franklin Senior Center you will be required to scan or sign in, fill out a COVID questionnaire, have your temperature taken, wear a properly fitting mask over your mouth and nose at ALL times and remain socially distanced.  We greatly appreciate your assistance in following these rules so we can continue to move forward with our scaled and mindful opening based on the rules we MUST follow!  Please do NOT move chairs or remove signs marking appropriate social distancing.   

The rules are in place for legal and safety reasons.  Breaking them just makes you a fun ruiner for everyone! 

Franklin Senior Center: Email Blast

Attached you will find: Donna's Fun Filled Activity Pages.

Things are starting to open!  These are exciting times but please remember to be mindful of the CDC guidelines and rules in private establishments.  We have made it this far lets keep the trend moving forward with kindness!


Please feel free to share this email with anyone you think might enjoy it.  If you want me to add someone to the email blast list just send me a message with their email in it. 


When searching for information about the Coronavirus, COVID-19 please use caution!  Unfortunately there are many false sites that contain viruses and malware that can threaten your computer.  Many look like real sites.  Your best bet is to go directly to the CDC, WHO or your local government page (links below).


For those of you who attend our Memory Cafe events I invite you to learn more about attending a VIRTUAL Memory Cafe through Zoom!  There are many options to choose from.

Ariel Doggett

Virtual Program Coordinator
Respite Coordinator

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersoll
There is no act of kindness too small

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