Saturday, November 20, 2021

SAFE Coalition announces receipt of funding from Town of Franklin

SAFE Coalition today (11/18/21) announced the passing of Resolution 21 – 70, Appropriation of Cannabis Fees with a unanimous vote through the Franklin Town Council to appropriate $175,000 to the SAFE Coalition for FY22. These funds have been secured through the Town of Franklin by the Social Host Agreement set forth by the Cannabis Control Commission. These funds will provide vital education and prevention opportunities for citizens, vast substance use training for professionals, and increased programming already established within the community. 

“The passing of resolution 21 – 70 is monumental for community-based substance use care in Franklin.  To work within a community where leaders are leaning IN and recognizing the impact early intervention, training, and supportive services can have on their community members, means that the health and wellness of their citizens is a top priority. I am so thankful for the listening ear of the council members, the collaborative work with Town Administrator Jamie Hellen, and the various community partnerships we have developed over the last 6 years. Now, let’s get it work!” Jennifer Levine

Features and benefits include
• Training for academic, medical, and paraprofessionals related to substance use
• Education specific to substance use, recovery, de-stigmatization, and 
• Prevention work related to social-emotional wellness
• Continuation of 6 supportive programs hosting Franklin residents

About SAFE Coalition: SAFE is a judgement free community organization relentlessly committed to educating and supporting those affected by substance use disorder and mental health concerns across southeastern Massachusetts. Staffed by trusted, trained professionals and peer support volunteers, SAFE compassionately empowers individuals and their loved ones by breaking down barriers to treatment and emotional support in a way that inspires success on the journey to recovery.


Town of Franklin Resolution 21 - 70
Town of Franklin Resolution 21 - 70

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SAFE Coalition announces receipt of funding from Town of Franklin

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