Monday, November 15, 2021

Franklin TV: Still Growing - The Only Constant is Change

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director, Franklin●TV & wfpr●fm 11/14/2021

There are brief moments when I believe (mistakenly) that at some point (Soon?) our technical facilities will be finalized and complete.  Silly me.

When Franklin●TV began in 2012 it was crude – steampunk compared to today’s digital world. We simply played back DVDs and video tapes over three standard TV channels provided by Comcast and Verizon. Done.

The decade has been a whirlwind of technical change and growth. It hasn’t let up. Today is about multimedia, multichannel, multiplatform publishing.  Multi-challenges.  (Yikes!)  Our old SDTV channels live on. Now we also stream our programs and live events over the internet in High Definition. We also provide Videos-on-Demand, we broadcast on the FM dial (102.9) 24/7. We produce and post many new podcasts each week on our radio website, wfpr●fm. We’ve also seen requests for copies of our shows shift from DVDs to High Definition Downloads.

Sooooo- what’s upcoming? What else are we working on? Instant On Demand Video posting immediately after each live meeting and event. Expanded government meetings and live location events coverage. Adding closed captions to many of our programs. This in turn will provide text of interviews and meetings via Franklin Matters.

We are also expanding our network to studios in nearby towns. More sports events are being cablecast regionally. Yes, we are still growing, and that doesn’t happen by standing still – not even for a brief moment.

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Franklin TV: Still Growing - The Only Constant is Change
Franklin TV: Still Growing - The Only Constant is Change

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