Thursday, November 18, 2021

Pantherbook: Articles worth reading - Downtown Franklin, mask mandate, climate change

"History of Franklin: Downtown Franklin"
Nihara Lijan, Writer

"Many of us have either been to or driven through downtown Franklin, but do we really know the significance or history behind each building located there? There are seven main sections of downtown Franklin that are important to the history of how Franklin developed. Let’s look at each one of them in depth!"

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"Mask Mandate at Franklin High School"
Anna Hoffmann, Writer

"The 2021 to 2022 school year is well underway. Public schools in the United States are chock-full of students, bustling hallways, and swarming cafeterias. Students and staff alike are no longer separated by six feet. However, unfortunately, the Covid-19 virus is as well underway as the current school year is. Of course, vaccinations have become readily available, treatment for Covid-19 has improved, and cases are falling. Google Meets have become a practically nonexistent area of academic lives. Progress has been made. Still, the virus remains a threat. There is no cure, it can still spread, and we need to be cautious of the new strains and variants. This means mask mandates have become typical for most public schools. Franklin High School students, and public school students in general, have become somewhat fed up with required mask-wearing. As a result, it has become a political, contentious issue in the United States. Overall, the Franklin High School community, school communities in general, have been left to wonder: when will it end? "

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"Climate Change: How it is Misunderstood"
Lucia Perkins, Writer

"We have all heard of climate change, but we as world citizens have not heard enough of it. Climate change is happening everywhere. Fluctuations of temperatures in the environment have been and continue to be a worldwide issue. Global issues come with misunderstandings and climate change is no exception. It is never too late to learn them because the more we educate ourselves and the FHS community, the more we can help the world in small, but powerful ways."

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Pantherbook: Articles worth reading
Pantherbook: Articles worth reading

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