Tuesday, February 21, 2023

UPDATED -> Open Space Recreation Plan Public Hearing Agenda - February 21, 2023 - 6 PM

Franklin Conservation Commission
OSRP Public Hearing Agenda 
February 21, 2023
Updated February 21, 2023
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

1. Overview of the 2023 Open Space and Recreation Plan Update
1.1 Review, purpose, and benefits of the update

1.2 Process, schedule, and opportunities for public participation and feedback
1.2.1 OSRP survey
1.2.2 Bi-weekly stakeholder sessions in conjunction with Conservation Commission meetings, including:
Schmidt Farm (Feb 23)
Riverbend Conservation Area (Mar 9)
Maple Hill (Mar 23)
1.2.3 Public hearings
Feb 21 (tonight): Overview and review of progress from the prior (2016) update
Apr 25: Goals and objectives of the 2023 update
Jun 20: Review and feedback on the draft 2023 plan update
1.3 Introduction to key Town staff
2. Overview of current Open Space/Recreation Areas
2.1 Recreational facilities (i.e., Beaver Pond, Dacey, Fletcher, King Street Memorial, Meadowlark, Nason Street, Pirelli Veterans Arena, Pisani Field, Rec. Dept.)

2.2 Conservation facilities/areas (i.e., DelCarte, Franklin State Forest, Franklin Town Forest, Indian Rock, Maple Hill, Metacomet Land Trust, Riverbend Conservation Area, Sculpture Park, SNETT)

2.3 School facilities (i.e., Davis Thayer, Dean College, Oak/Horace Mann/Franklin High School, Helen Keller/Annie Sullivan, Jefferson Remington, JFK, Parmenter, Tri-County)

3. 2016 Goals
3.1 Increase public awareness of Open Space and Recreation opportunities in Franklin
Educational and/or outdoor programs
Assist schools and other organizations with environmental science, conservation and sustainability education
Encourage volunteer efforts to steward natural resources, promote awareness/utilization of Open Spaces, and foster a community sense of identification with the land and resources

3.2 Preserve and enhance existing Town Open Space resources
Plan for prioritization and acquisition of Chapter 61/61A/61B properties
Prioritize Town-owned land for development and approval of Conservation Restrictions
Increase permanent funding to preserve, maintain, and increase Open Space resources

3.3 Maximize recreational opportunities to meet the community’s evolving needs by maintain current inventory of facilities and programs and by providing new facilities and programs for both active and passive recreation
Maintain and improve current recreational areas and provide new recreational opportunities
Increase usage of existing recreational space and modify existing spaces as the Town’s needs evolve
Develop access points for canoes, kayaks, and boats to utilize the Charles River and Mine Brook
Increase connectivity to and between Franklin’s Conservation Areas and Open Space
Work with the Department of Conservation and Recreation to increase access to the SNETT and State Forest Trail
Seek out a site and develop a youth center

3.4 Protect natural, historical, and cultural resources and maintain Franklin’s New England character
Protect priority habitats and enhance biodiversity
Adoption of the Cultural Preservation Act
Implement growth management techniques that will help to preserve the Town’s natural, historical, and cultural resources

3.5 Preserve and protect the Town’s water resources
Prioritize water bodies for ecological studies
Implement recommendations in DelCarte Ecological Study
Minimize the use of pesticides and salt to maintain the health of the Town’s surface and groundwater resource areas

4. Where did we succeed? Where are efforts ongoing? Where might we have missed opportunities?

Agenda doc can be found online ->   

Franklin Conservation Commission: OSRP Public Hearing Agenda - February 21, 2023 - 6 PM
Franklin Conservation Commission: OSRP Public Hearing Agenda - February 21, 2023 - 6 PM

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