Wednesday, February 22, 2023

"Winning Ways" - an MIAA TV Program Produced by Franklin.TV (video)

High School sporting events are without doubt among the most popular programs covered by your local community TV channel. Now, we at the MIAA are reaching out across Massachusetts with our own TV program, "Winning Ways", to highlight the great schools, coaches and players that make high school sports - and students - all that they can be.

Each episode will delve into aspects of the MIAA's mission. As we continue to Grow Courageous Leaders, we'll also visit (via Zoom and in-person) with schools, athletic directors, coaches, teams and notable players. Every school has a great story to tell, and we want to highlight those journeys to excellence.

Our episodes will be released by Franklin.TV regularly for download and rebroadcast on your local PEG channel(s) via MMX, the Mass Media Exchange Server. There is absolutely no cost, and we encourage you to contact your local PEG studio to include our program in their broadcast schedule. It can be an informative and inspiring addition, especially before or after school games.

Our first episode of "Winning Ways" is slated for release in Mid-February. We invite you to be featured in a future episode.

For information about downloading episodes for local broadcast or participating in an upcoming episode, please contact:
  • Jim Clark -
  • Steve Dubzinski -
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