Wednesday, February 22, 2023

MIAA: Winter Tournament Seeding Process Updates

Winter Tournament Seeding Process  

Winter Tournament Seeds Released February 25

During the Fall 2022 season the MIAA launched an effort to streamline the production of the final power rankings, and create a smoother process of building and releasing the tournament brackets. These new guidelines once again will be used by sport tournament directors, seeding committees, and MIAA staff for the Winter 2023 postseason in Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Ice Hockey and Girls Ice Hockey.

CUTOFF DATE – Thursday, February 23: All regular-season games in Basketball and Hockey must be completed by the end of the night in order to be included in the power rankings, postseason records and qualification requirements.  Scores must be recorded into Arbiter before the end of the night.

WORKING DAY – Friday, February, 24: The season data from Arbiter will be collected by MIAA staff as of the 4 AM report.

By 9 AM, staff will produce and publish a report on with each team's record (broken down by division, listed alphabetically by school), and all schedules and score data as reported to Arbiter throughout the season. No power rankings data will be published at this time.

If there are any changes that need to be made from that point, they must be communicated BY EMAIL to either the MIAA sport-specific liaison or tournament liaison.
BOYS, GIRLS HOCKEY - Richard Pearson -

Information entered directly into Arbiter will not be valid after 4 AM on the Working Day.

Schools will have 24 hours to report any corrections, and tournament officials/MIAA staff will also have the same 24 hours to track down any missing scores, and make any corrections to the data. Any changes or corrections to existing score data must be verified IN WRITING by both schools.

BRACKET/SEEDING DAY – Saturday, February 25: At 9 AM, the data will be considered FINAL and no more changes will be made. The final data will be used to create the final power rankings, which will be published along with the brackets on the following scheduled release times:


The initial bracket release will include only matchup information, and brackets subsequently will be updated by tournament directors and MIAA staff with dates, times and sites for individual matchups.

MIAA: Winter Tournament Seeding Process Updates
MIAA: Winter Tournament Seeding Process Updates

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