Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Franklin Police Dept announce new partnership with METRO-LEC Mounted Unit

The Franklin Police Department is excited to announce a new partnership and unit with the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council (METRO-LEC), the mounted unit. METRO-LEC is a consortium of more than 46 local police and sheriff departments in the south metropolitan Boston area which covers 600 square miles and has a corresponding residential population of 850,000 people. 

The Council currently operates several divisions:
  • Canine Unit (K9)
  • Child Abduction Response Team (CART)
  • Computer Crime Unit (CCU)
  • Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)
  • Criminal Investigation Division (CID)
  • Mobile Operations Motorcycle Unit (MOP)
  • Regional Response Team (RRT)
  • Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT)
  • Marine Unit
We currently have members assigned to the METRO SWAT, Crisis Negation, Search and Rescue, and K-9 units. Two officers have been selected will attend training at the nationally accredited Mounted Police Training Academy located in Louisville, Kentucky. They will join 10 other officers from METRO-LEC departments. This unit will be utilized across the state including community policing events, large crowd gatherings, search and rescue calls, concerts, etc. 

It is impossible for every community to be fully trained and equipped for every possible contingency. Therefore, local communities have banded together to create organizations, such as METRO-LEC, to help each other thus making us all safer in the end. The member communities acknowledge that certain critical incidents call for a law enforcement response that may exceed the capabilities of any one single agency. METRO-LEC was designed for these types of incidents. The Mounted Unit will be based out of a farm in Millis once operational. 

The FPD/METRO-LEC will not be the only Massachusetts law enforcement agency utilizing mounted units. The Massachusetts State Police and Worcester Police Department utilize a mounted unit. Like years past, this post is simply a case study to see who might not read this entire post. It should go without saying this is an April fools post. We are absolutely not getting a mounted unit although it would be pretty cool if we did. Now I’m going to add some additional text to hide this message even more. Franklin Police Chief Thomas Lynch currently serves as the Treasurer of METRO-LEC. Franklin has utilized METRO-LEC for a number of critical incidents and search and rescue operations. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on horse back!

Franklin Police Dept/METRO-LEC Mounted Unit
Franklin Police Dept/METRO-LEC Mounted Unit

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