Sunday, April 2, 2023

Franklin TV: Home $weet Home! The real real – on home ownership

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 04/02/2023

For several years we carried Mike Shain’s program about real estate when he was producing it at ABMI Bellingham’s studio and later at Milford TV. Mike is into real estate and all matters relating to home ownership; buying, selling, financing, maintaining – and living well in your own Home $weet Home.

Now Mike is producing and hosting his latest series about real estate with us at Franklin.TV. Home $weet Home.

Mike Shain & Jay Horrigan
Mike Shain & Jay Horrigan
Joining Mike, Franklin’s own Jay Horrigan who also knows real estate.

Mike Shain’s expertise in home financing and Jay’s background in the Franklin real estate market will make for informative (and perhaps enabling) programs on pathways to home ownership for those who wish to achieve the American dream.

At some point that American Dream is perhaps as simple as making macaroni and cheese in your very own kitchen.
Mike Shain & Jay Horrigan - Home $weet Home
Mike Shain & Jay Horrigan - Home $weet Home


If mac ‘n cheese is involved, mine is not to question, but just to enjoy comfort food in the kitchen. That’s when you know you’re truly Home, $weet Home.

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