Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Franklin Faith Forum - WFPR: 029 - Redemption, Salvation and Spring (audio)

In this episode, Dr. Pandora Carlucci and Jay Horrigan are joined by Reverend Juncker, Reverend Oughton and Rabbi Alpert to talk about redemption in each respective religion, the story of Easter and Jesus, the meaning of the cross and why its important to learn the stories of this time of year and more

Franklin Faith Forum - WFPR
Bringing More Faith Into Your Day
Jay Horrigan and Dr. Pandora Carlucci join Pastor Juncker, Reverend Oughton, and Rabbi Alpert to discuss faith in their congregations and how listeners can embrace faith in their own lives.

Find all the episodes -> https://franklin-faith-forum.captivate.fm/

A Priest A Rabbi and A Minister Walk Into A Radio Station
Franklin Faith Forum - WFPR

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