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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Watch or listen to the Open Space & Recreation Plan - Public Hearing #1 - 02/21/23 (audio & video)

The Open Space Recreation Plan Public Hearing #1 Agenda was updated on Tuesday to more clearly outline the discussion for the session Feb 21, 2023.

There was public participation in person at the Council Chambers and online in the Zoom session.

Quick recap:
  • Member of a mountain biking group looking to help in ways they can
  • Bleachers have wide spaces at the top that could allow a small child to slip through
  • Suggestion on signage to remind folks (i.e. drivers) to share the road with bikers
  • Discussion on kayak access for the Charles, there is access at Beaver Pond, may also eventually be at DelCarte, also evaluation of a kiosk to help with rental of kayaks
  • Comment on citizen awareness of open space, AgCom (Agriculture Commission) also working on that awareness,; the amount of salt in the water supply is increasing, we need to look at that...
  • from Mark (last name?), thanks for whomever did successfully make the open space purchases
  • A question to be addressed is how to balance maintaining the forest area at Maple Hill and yet provide access to the trail network there in a minimalist manner
  • ADA self assessment being planned for all Town and School facilities
  • Rec Dept had reached out to scouting groups pre-COVID to see if some trail maintenance could be organized, would like to bring that back to the forefront!
  • Remember to respond to the survey, approx. 250+ so far
  • Next public hearing scheduled for Apr 25 will review objectives for the plan draft
The presentation copy shared during the meeting ->

The video of the public hearing can be found ->

My notes captured via Twitter and found in one PDF ->

Watch or listen to the Open Space & Recreation Plan - Public Hearing #1 - 02/21/23 (audio & video)
Watch or listen to the Open Space & Recreation Plan - Public Hearing #1 - 02/21/23 (audio & video)

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Town of Franklin - School Recreation Facilities and Parks (ADA Compliance Included) - 2023 OSRP Update

Happy Tuesday All,

It's that time again - another OSRP focus group meeting! 

As a recap, the FCC held a meeting about "Municipal Recreation Facilities and Parks (ADA Compliance Included)" on January 26. In case you missed it, the recording of this meeting can be found here. Have ideas and suggestions for the Town about municipal recreation facilities and parks? All feedback, comments, and suggestions can be submitted through this Google Form at any point throughout the OSRP process; so it's definitely encouraged to utilize this platform to communicate your thoughts. Responses are routinely checked and we have been connecting with many residents about their feedback. We'd love to connect with you, too!

Upcoming Events

February 9 Focus Group 

The next OSRP focus group meeting (Topic: School Recreation Facilities and Parks (ADA Compliance Included) is this upcoming Thursday, February 9 from 6-7pm in Council Chambers at Town Hall. Can't attend this Thursday? Not a problem! A separate OSRP Office Hour meeting is available this Friday, February 10 from 10-11a in Room 326A at Town Hall. You are encouraged to attend either (or both!) meetings, ask questions, and provide feedback on your thoughts and ideas about School Recreation Facilities and Parks (ADA Compliance Included). Don't forget to sign the Communitree poster when participating at Town Hall, too! We'd love to fill every leaf on this tree with the name of your group or organization.
Communitree poster

A recording of the meetings will be posted next week for additional viewing on the OSRP webpage. In an effort to promote engagement, all focus group meetings can be accessed remotely on Franklin TV and via Zoom. Please visit the Conservation webpage for the focus group meeting agendas and updated Zoom login information.

Community Survey

Be on the lookout for the OSRP survey postcard (example shown below) available next Monday, February 13 on all digital platforms, at various locations around Town, and in your email inbox. The survey will be available for two months or until mid-April. Once the survey is launched, please feel free to share with your organization and surrounding community. Participation in this survey will help Town staff create the vision for the OSRP that is reflective of resident priorities. In other words, "help us, help you" create the Franklin you want to see.

Town of Franklin - School Recreation Facilities and Parks

Public Hearing 1

Our first OSRP public hearing is scheduled for February 21, 2023 from 6-8 pm at the Franklin Senior Center, Multi-Purpose Room. Attendees will learn more about the OSRP and review progress from the previous 2016 OSRP. We've accomplished a lot together and are excited to celebrate the progress with you. 

Other Ways to Get Involved

Don't have time to attend a focus group or office hour meeting? Not a problem! You and your organization are encouraged to still provide feedback regarding the 2023 OSRP update at any time throughout the OSRP process. Here's how...
Additionally, all public engagement opportunities can be found on the OSRP webpage here and are available in person, via Zoom, and on Franklin TV. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, so please don't hesitate to connect!

The next focus group meeting is on Schmidt's Farm on February 23. We know this is a big ticket item for the community so start brainstorming ideas now. In the meantime, feel free to utilize this OSRP map to become familiar with Schmidt's Farm digitally.