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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

CommonWealth Magazine: "Wind farm developer bucks DPU, pushes approach agency previously rejected"

Baker aide urges Avangrid to stay the course 

""GOV. CHARLIE BAKER’S top energy aide urged the offshore wind developer Avangrid to abandon efforts to reopen its electricity contract with the state and abide by the existing terms. 
Avangrid has asked the Department of Public Utilities for a one-month delay in approving the contract, saying the time is needed to work out new terms because the 1,200-megawatt Commonwealth Wind project is not viable without an adjustment in the electricity price. 
The company, which has said its project has been rocked by inflation, interest rate hikes, and supply chain difficulties, is expected to file a brief on the issue with the DPU on Monday."
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Avangrid refuses to budge on need for pricing changes
"THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC UTILITIES was very clear a week ago, telling the state’s two leading offshore wind developers that they could either move forward with the pricing contracts they negotiated with the state’s utilities or withdraw from the proceedings and start over again. 
Mayflower Wind quickly responded that it would honor the terms of its contract but also said it would seek to inform all parties of the cost challenges wind farm developers are facing because of the war in Ukraine, interest rate hikes, inflation, and supply chain disruptions. 
Avangrid, the developer of the 1,200-megawatt Commonwealth Wind project, asked for more time to respond and then waited until the very last minute on Monday before filing a response that largely ignored the DPU’s order."
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CommonWealth Magazine: "Wind farm developer bucks DPU, pushes approach agency previously rejected"
CommonWealth Magazine: "Wind farm developer bucks DPU, pushes approach agency previously rejected"

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Location, location, location: Even stores within a chain differ by location

“I could go into a supermarket, and I can tell everything about the people who live [in the area] based on what’s in their carts, based on what’s at eye level, what’s not at eye level,” said Phil Lempert, also known as the “Supermarket Guru.”

In retail, specific product placement — not just a store’s inventory — heavily influences a shopper’s experience. So shouldn’t responsible markets encourage shoppers to make better choices?

“There’s a lot of racism, to be honest, I think, behind these decisions, whether it’s unconscious or implicit,” said Andrea Richardson, a policy researcher focused on nutrition epidemiology at the Rand Corp. and professor at the Pardee Rand Graduate School. The presence of a supermarket in your neighborhood should signal that you aren’t living in a food desert, but, I wondered, if the supermarket isn’t guiding you toward more healthful food choices, you might as well be.
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An endcap display of marked-down items at the Stop & Shop on 460 Blue Hill Ave. in Dorchester shows discounts on cake frosting, two for $3, and cake mix, four for $5.CHASEEDAW GILES/KHN
An endcap display of marked-down items at the Stop & Shop on 460 Blue Hill Ave. in Dorchester shows discounts on cake frosting, two for $3, and cake mix, four for $5.CHASEEDAW GILES/KHN

Friday, March 26, 2021

MA State News: wind energy and commission report on special taxes

Mariano pledges to turn South Coast into ‘hub of wind energy’ 

"MASSACHUSETTS HOUSE SPEAKER Ron Mariano on Thursday pledged to make major investments to turn the South Coast into “a hub of wind energy for the region.” 

Mariano, in a virtual speech to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, envisioned using the nascent offshore wind energy industry as a way to create jobs in Massachusetts while positioning the state to be a leader in a growing field."

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Commission raises flags on film, alcohol, Fidelity tax breaks
"A COMMISSION ESTABLISHED to review the effectiveness of special tax breaks issued by the state of Massachusetts raised serious concerns in its initial report about measures benefitting the film, alcohol, and mutual fund industries.

The Tax Expenditure Review Commission, in a first-of-its-kind report, tried to rate the effectiveness of 26 of the more than 200 tax breaks that in some cases have been on the state’s books for decades and never been subjected to any scrutiny even though they represent billions of dollars in foregone revenue."
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Sunday, February 28, 2021

World Beer Index 2021: What's the Price of a Beer in Your Country?

And not for something different:
Although fewer people have been able to grab a beer at the pub during this pandemic, the global desire for beer prevails. For example, sales of the Corona beer actually shot up in the past year, despite—or perhaps because of—associations with the coronavirus.

This World Beer Index from Expensivity (  ) 
compares the average price of a bottle of beer in 58 countries in a detailed map. Additionally, we show which countries spend the most on beer per capita, and just how much beer people really drink.
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

In the News: alcohol added to TC Scoops; arguments on liquor pricing case

Ice cream and alcohol? Yes, they can mix if done properly. And T.C. Scoops in Medway is looking to do so.

"Tina Chemini determines sales at her Medway ice cream shop, T.C. Scoops, each week by counting the number of tubs emptied of their frozen delicacy. 
But ice cream, which generates steady income during those hot summer months, does not translate to the same success each winter. 
Heeding requests from many of her customers - primarily moms and dads visiting with their children - and a need to garner more clientele year-round, the parlor plans to soon add beer, wine and a variety of ice cream cocktail concoctions to the menu, according to Chemini. 
She hopes the expanded offerings will attract a whole new set of faces - and revenue - to her 6-year-old business."

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T.C. Scoops in Medway- More than just Ice cream!
T.C. Scoops in Medway- More than just Ice cream!

Continuing the storyline on the liquor pricing article shared yesterday:
"On Friday, Furgang and Kiley presented differing views of the situation. Judge Douglas Wilkins is contemplating a request from Total Wine to in part stay the suspensions pending the outcome of a lawsuit Total Wine has filed challenging the commission's decision. Wilkins said he expects to weigh in on the request on Monday. 
The regulation references "the net cost appearing on the invoice," implying only one invoice, Furgang said. A bulk purchase discount could be applied to retail prices if it is reflected appropriately on the invoice, he said. 
The interpretation helps as inspectors try to enforce the regulation and compare invoices to retail prices, according to Furgang. 
Total Wine has documents reflecting that it received sufficient discounts to account for the prices it charged, but it did not receive all discounts on the initial invoice. Suppliers commonly issue discounts for buying certain quantities of product at the end of promotional periods, Kiley said. 
The regulation makes no reference to a first invoice or an initial invoice, Kiley said."

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

2015 Pre-Season mower tune-up special

Mower n More is pleased to announce the 2015 pre-season mower tune-up special. 
  • Appointment must be made online by March 21st, 2015
  • Equipment must be on the driveway or in the garage. No sheds please.
  • This promotion has limited availability and will expire when all appointment slots have been reserved.
  • You will not be able to book more than 21 days in advance.

The rates below are for routine preventive maintenance for a fully operational machine with no known problems. Repairs extra.

Lawn mower up to 22": $10 off = $75 (85)
Rider / walk-behind up to 42": $30 off = $169 ($199)

Rider / walk-behind over 42": $40 off= $199 ($239)
Together: Additional $10 off

Extended area charge (where applicable): $10 off = $19 ($29)

Book now (Use promo code EB15)

Mower n More

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